Rex Cavy Club

the UK club for breeders, exhibitors and admirers of the Rex Cavy

Rex Cavy Club 

The UK club for lovers of the Rex  

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Welcome to the Rex Cavy Club website. I am your friendly guide into the world of the Rex Cavy Club and the guinea pigs of which it looks after, the Rex.

Please note we are currently in the process of updating this website prior to transferring to a new webmaster. Many thanks for your patience at this time.

I hope that with my, and other current member's, help that new and old fanciers alike will come to this website not just for it's useful insight into the activites of the members but as an infomation site in general for showers not currently in a club, people who wish to come into the club and people who just like guinea pigs.

Webmaster (position vacant).




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Sunday, Mar 5 All Day
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